christmas holiday

Take A Break

Since Christmas day is only a couple of days away I suspect that a lot of our clientele have already vanished until the New Year. To be perfectly frank I don’t blame them! I’d love to be heading off to warmer climes, though I doubt if Ireland’s real capital counts (Cork – if you’re not […]

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cute christmas puppy

Calling Last Orders

The clock is ticking…. With Christmas only a couple of days away we’d just like to give people a gentle reminder – if you want to register any new IE domains or make any changes the IE Domain Registry will be closed from Tuesday, so you should really do it before then! I’ve already posted […]

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Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS now supported on VPS

Image via Wikipedia Today I can officially announce our support for the latest Ubuntu distro (8.04). This will provide our customers with a platform to develop applications on a platform with the latest and greatest versions of many commonly used apps like php, apache, mysql etc. You can sign up for Ubuntu 8.04 based virtual […]

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blacknight offices decorated

Blacknight Now With Extra Bling!

Ok it is silly and pretty pointless, but you may notice that we’ve changed the logo on our main site to this: We could have gone down the snowflakes route, but I’d rather not deal with all the irate phone calls and emails thanks! We decorated our offices yesterday as well, so they’re looking a […]

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shorty awards logo

Get Shorty

That someone would come up with an award for the best generators of content under 140 characters ie. twitter, strikes me as genuinely interesting. While I still do have reservations about Twitter (or maybe it’s just the fanboys…) I now use it actively, so I’d be a hypocrite to be overly critical.. You can read […]

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playboy mansion

Playboy Mansion Party Announced For DomainFest

I’ve been to DomainFest global for the last two years running and was planning on giving next year’s event a miss. Stress on the “was”. Now I’m not so sure! DomainFest always pull out the stops to organise an amazing event, but next year’s event sounds like it’s going to be a real cracker! First […]

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