John felt ashamed he couldn't register a

John felt ashamed, he wasn’t on any public records anywhere.

What indecent act would he have to perform to get onto a public register?

Wait … WHAT?

A lot of people want to avoid there being too many records of them unfortunately Nominet, the registry for *.uk domain names, has introduced a new “data quality” policy.

The new policy, which came into effect on May 7th checks multiple data points related to domain registrations under (and related domain extensions).

What that means in reality, however, is that a LOT of our clients are getting emails from Nominet telling them that their addresses aren’t correct. They’re also getting emails saying that Nominet cannot validate who they are .. which is, in many ways, even more disturbing..

Unfortunately we have been unable to validate the registrant details that you have provided for the domain name as you have provided name details that we have been unable to automatically identify against public data sources.

Registrant Name: John XXXXX




It is possible that your details are correct, but that they do not appear on public data sources available to us. Please review your details by logging into your Online Services account and making any necessary corrections to your information ensuring that your name is entered in full.  If on review you find that your name has already been entered correctly please provide us with documentary evidence (copy of official ID or incorporation certificate etc) so that we can validate your details and process your application.  Please attach this by reply or send directly to ….  Alternatively please fax or post copies of the documentation to us quoting your domain name.

Please note that any domain names you subsequently register with matching name and address information will be included in this process


So just what exactly is required in order to get a if you don’t have public records that are accessible by Nominet?

Why is Nominet taking on the role of “big brother”?

Sure, if you are using a domain name for nefarious activity we could understand why Nominet would want to run extra checks etc., but if not this just seems to be a bit too much .. and totally unnecessary.

We are still trying to work with Nominet on this, but we’re not impressed. Not one bit.

John’s real identity has been withheld


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