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We got mixed feedback from the first Youtube video I posted recently, so today I decided to play around some more.

One of the problems people had with the first video was the audio quality, so this time round I opted to use an external microphone (Shure SM58 hooked up to a small Behringer mixing desk via USB).

The software I’m using for these screencasts is iShowU, which has plenty of options for capturing the screen, mouse movement, audio etc., It also has loads of export / capture presets for Youtube and other video sharing sites.

The problem seems to be with the text – people can’t seem to read it.

The “raw” video has legible text, but by the time YouTube has worked its “magic” it’s become really hard to make out.

Has anyone had any luck in getting screencasts with text to be legible on YouTube?

Do I need to change the output options?

You can view the videos on our Youtube channel to see what I’m talking about

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