Sure we sell domain names, but our core business is providing hosting solutions of all shapes and sizes to businesses globally.

With the launch of .host domain names we were really excited and thought it was the obvious choice for us. So we were really delighted when the registry accepted us into their “pioneer” program. We might not have blogged about it, but we have been using our .host domain name for the last couple of weeks

You can now reach us at – and if you’re in the hosting space you can grab your very own .host domain name now (tip: we’re offering a discount at the moment!)

We’ll be eventually pointing that domain name to a specific section of our site or we might even spin up another site for it… For now it’s redirecting to our main page, but we’re also using it in some of our marketing:


Sure, not everyone is going to know that is a valid website address, but I suspect the email address syntax is a little bit more likely to be used..

I can see .host domain names being used effectively for online (and offline) marketing campaigns where being able to “span the dot” is an effective strategy to drive home the message.

It’ll be interesting to see how Irish and international companies start embracing these more contextual domain names.

(Did we mention we’re already using our .press domain name? 🙂 )

Anyway .. we pushed out a bit of PR about the .host domain earlier this afternoon (via our .press of course!)


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