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As more and more companies embrace blogging and RSS to keep people up to date with their latest happenings the number of RSS feeds you may end up reading just keeps on growing.
A year ago I probably tracked ten or fifteen blogs on a regular basis and I only subscribed to the feeds of one or two. Nowadays I find myself tracking a much larger number, while my RSS subscription folder in Thunderbird just keeps on growing.
Services like Feedburner make it a lot easier for both bloggers and their readers to keep track of what’s going on, while FeedBlitz offers you the option to get email updates as well.
Of course the biggest problem these days is finding blogs that are worth reading.
So where can you begin?
If you are interested in finding out what other Irish bloggers are saying then you could have a look at some of the Irish blog sites:

No matter what your area of interest you are sure to find a blog to suit your taste!
PS: You can now subscribe to this blog via both Feedburner and FeedBlitz!!

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