A couple of us were at The Irish Web Awards last Saturday night in Dublin.

The event, which was organised by Mulley Communications and sponsored by Realex Payments, was very enjoyable and hopefully we’ll be able to go again next year.

Unlike a lot of other award events which are highly commercial in nature, the Irish Web Awards are very much “community” run. With some awards you get the feeling that only “big” agencies get to enter their “pet projects” and unless you “conform” you don’t stand much chance of winning.

The Irish Web Awards are quite the opposite and it shows in the list of winners.

You’ll find a very wide range of sites on the list of winners. While they may not appear to have anything in common they do – they’re all run by people who are passionate about what they do.

The event itself was very informal compared to the “traditional” awards ceremonies that I’ve been to. And just because it was informal does not mean that it was not as professional – in many respects the awards were better organised than a lot of the other  ones I’ve been to over the years.

A large number of our clients were shortlisted for various awards and I was delighted to see that so many of them won. And even those who didn’t win had already received recognition by making it as far as the shortlist.

Thanks to the organisers and sponsors for organising it all and hopefully we’ll see you at it next year!

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