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We’ve been working on a bunch of projects internally for the last few months. Some of them aren’t ever going to be “visible”, but some, like this one, will be.

WhoOwns.it is a new domain lookup and search service that we’re announcing today. It’s still being tweaked and improved, so you’ll see more features being added to it over the next few weeks and months.

If you have feedback and  / or feature requests please let us know in the comments

Here’s the release:

Blacknight Announce launch of Whoowns.it
Irish registrar introduces a Domain Lookup Service that is truly for everyone

January 9, 2013 – Carlow, Ireland – Ireland’s number one domain registrar and hosting company introduces Whoowns.it, an all-new domain lookup service.

Always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience, Blacknight realised that there was a gap in the reliability of domain lookup services. The leading registrar tackled this challenge and set out to create a service that allows users to find information on a domain regardless of where it is registered or what the extension may be.

However, Blacknight have taken things one-step further and partnered with Afternic (http://www.afternic.com/), the largest premium domain marketplace worldwide, to assist users in acquiring desired domain names that are already owned by someone else.

Michele Neylon of Blacknight states: “We know how important it is to find the right domain for a business or personal project. With that in mind we’ve been developing whoowns.it to help people either get a fresh new domain or to acquire an existing one. To assist this undertaking, we’ve partnered with Afternic to help customers take the next step to acquire a domain name even if it is already registered.”

Blacknight is committed to bringing best of breed technology to their customers and Whoowns.it (http://whoowns.it) was created to help users have a smoother domain buying experience.
The site underwent a soft launch during the first week of January and has already garnered positive feedback from the public.

Neylon Continues: “We’re constantly adding new features to the site and will be rolling out changes in the coming weeks and months based on user feedback.We will also be adding more features, including things like the DomainsBot API so that we can do “semantic” search as well.”

Bob Mountain, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Account Services at Afternic explains: “Afternic is pleased to be involved with this project. We are committed to empowering our customers to pursue the perfect domain name for themselves or their business and Whoowns.it is a great opportunity to introduce even more end users to purchasing aftermarket domains.”

Whoowns.it joins Blacknight’s family of stellar services like “No Fluff” cloud hosting and domain registration. Visit Whoowns.it to begin the search for the perfect domain name.

For more information on Blacknight’s services, visit http://www.blacknight.com


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