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If you’re Irish or feel you are, why not let the world know with your own .irish domain name?

We love the .irish domain for a lot of reasons:

  • They’re easy to register
  • The “Irish brand” is strong and choosing a domain that says you are Irish sends a strong message
  • You don’t need to provide extra documents or confusing paperwork
  • Order a domain at 9am and you’ll be able to use it almost immediately
  • Premium domains start at low prices
  • Premium .irish domains renew at the standard price
  • A lot of great names are available at standard prices

And what’s more we’re currently offering them for only €15.99 (ex-VAT) for the first year!

Who is using .irish domains you might ask? We’ve interviewed a few of the early adopters over on TrailBlazers.Irish

The Global Irish Economic forum, which was held recently, chose to use

I’m also using for one of my personal blogs and we’ve been using .irish domains for several projects over the last few months (with more in the pipeline)

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