Register premium .irish domain names

Location, location, location.

When you’re talking about physical real estate your choice of location has an impact on both your business’ success and the price you pay in rent or purchase. If you’re a high street retailer you need footfall and if you’re buying a house, you want it to be in the best neighbourhood you can afford.

When it comes to registering a domain name for your business or your to mark out your personal online territory it’s no different.

In the online world, however, there are no real locations. There are, however, domain names. Some domains are “better” than others. They’re easier to market. They speak more directly to the target audience. Or they’re just shorter and more obvious.


As of last Friday we are now offering premium .irish domain names for direct instant registration. If you search for an available .irish domain name and it happens to be a “premium” name you’ll see the price and be able to register it immediately. (You can learn more about who is using .irish domain names in our new podcast series)

Premium .irish domain names vary in price from a couple of hundred Euro for the first year of registration, up to several thousand.

The key thing to remember, however, is that you only pay the premium price for .irish domains in the first year of registration – they renew at the lower, standard price.

Want to register a nice, memorable .irish domain name? What are you waiting for?


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