We are delighted to finally share the news with you all that from March 21st 2018 IE domain name registration will become a LOT easier.

You’ll no longer have to show a “claim” to a domain name.

All you’ll need to do is show your connection to Ireland, which is easy if you’re a resident in Ireland or run a business here. Sure, you might need to provide some documentation to show the “connection”, but once you’ve done that you’ll be able to register the domain of your dreams.

We’ve been talking about these upcoming changes for months and we absolutely love them.


Because we believe that people and businesses should be able to get domains names quickly and easily.

The upcoming change will mean that a reasonable balance will be struck between making it easier and faster to get IE domain names, while also retaining the strong link to Ireland. You’ll still need to show proof that you are either a resident in Ireland, Irish citizen or are doing business in Ireland. You might need to provide copies of utility bills or other documentation to do this, but you’ll no longer have to “jump through hoops” to rationalise why you’re registering a specific domain name.

Remember the video we shared recently?

If you feel that you have a special right or entitlement to register a particular .ie domain name then you really need to exercise that right before the rules change. You’ll still be able to register the domain, assuming it hasn’t been taken, once the rules have changed, but you’ll be competing against more people and organisations, as the “right” and “entitlement” concept that was tied up in the “claim” will be gone.  So if there are any domain names that you think you need for your business now is the ideal time to get them.

Once the rules change .ie domain registration will become “first come, first served”. Anyone will be able to register any domain name that they like (in compliance with the naming policies of course). All you’ll need to do is show your link or connection with Ireland to qualify to register domain names. The change should remove most delays from the IE registration process and bring it closer to “real time” registration (though we’re not quite there yet!)

Are there any risks associated with the rule change?

Of course there are some, but they’re far outweighed by the positive changes that the policy change will bring. Bear in mind that just because you’ve registered a domain name that does not mean that you have an inalienable right to have a domain in perpetuity. You still need to abide by the law and you also cannot infringe other people’s intellectual property or otherwise break the law.

And if you feel that a domain name is infringing on your rights you can lodge a dispute via WIPO.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how people will take advantage of the simpler registration rules in a few weeks time!

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