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Since people are either misreading this post or misunderstanding the offer details we have decided to simplify it.

Please read this article in its entirety, as it answers most of the questions we have been asked.

Are you paying silly money for IE domains?

Would you like to save a load of cash?

We can guess the answer to both questions ….

So here’s what we’re doing.


Starting tomorrow, August 24th 2009, and running until August 29th 2009, we are going to slash the price of IE domains.


Instead of paying our normal rate or even 50% of it you’ll pay only 5 euro ex-VAT to register OR transfer a .ie domain. (That’s close to 80% off our normal price!) – Please read on for the terms and conditions of this offer.

How much will a .ie cost?

5 euro ex-vat  for a one year registration – just in case it wasn’t clear!

How do I get the special price?

Just order a .ie registration or transfer.

The discount will be applied in the shopping cart just before you checkout ie. when we’re about to take the money from you the final total will be displayed

See screenshot below (click to enlarge) :

IE Promo Shopping Cart

Are there any special coupons or discount codes?

No. It’s all automatic.

Now there are certain limits.

The special price is limited to one order per customer and you can only register one .ie domain for a one year at this special price.

How many domains can I get a this special rate?


But I want to order a domain for someone else?

Fine, however only one domain will be discounted

Can I transfer a .ie from another provider?

Yes. You can transfer a .ie domain from any other provider and get this special rate.

I want to transfer a lot of IE domains from another provider to you. Can you help us?

The special rate is only applicable to one domain order. If you want to move a large number of IE domains from one of our competitors please contact our sales team who can give you a discount rate on IE domains.

Do I need to buy hosting from you?

No, you don’t. We’d love it if you did, but you’re under no obligation to.

Can I host this domain with … ?

You can host the domain wherever you like, however ALL IE domains need to have dns records setup before they will function.

What’s included in the price?

The IE domain registration (or transfer) and DNS services.

Unlike some companies we don’t charge anything extra for DNS services for domains you are paying us for.

Can anyone register a .ie domain name?

No. The IE domain space is governed by specific rules. If you do not qualify you won’t be able to register the domain. Please read over our guide here.

What kind of documents will I need to provide?

That will depend on what and how you are applying for it. Our system will send you out emails with detailed instructions based on your order.

Generally speaking you will need to provide proof of identity, business documents and possibly a signed covering letter explaining why you want to register the domain name in question. Saying that you “like it” is not enough – sorry!

How long do I have to supply the documents?

Please provide them as quickly as possible. A pending registration request will only be valid for 28 days maximum.

What happens if I don’t supply the documents in time?

The registration request may lapse and someone else may order the domain.

Why do I need to provide documents?

The IE Domain Registry have very strict rules. We do not invent the rules, we merely act as a conduit.

I don’t want to provide the documents, surely an email is enough?

No it isn’t. If you want to register the domain name you will need to provide the documentation as requested. No exceptions.

Can I register my own name?

If you are a resident in Ireland and can prove your residence you can register your name. See the PDN site for details. NB: The rules are explicit and do not allow for any extra variations

I don’t live in Ireland, can I still apply for an IE domain?

Please read the registration guide. If you are a business then you may qualify. If you are a private individual it’s highly unlikely that you will.

I don’t know what name to register, can you help?

Why don’t you have a look at the deleted domain list. You may find some inspiration there.

How much will it cost to renew domains registered (or transferred) during this offer?

Our normal rates at the time of renewal will apply.

Can existing customers renew their domain at this price?

No. This special only applies to new registrations OR transfers from other providers.

So what is the catch?

There is no catch.

How can Blacknight offer IE domains at such a low price?

Short answer – economies of scale. We have invested heavily in automating the order process as much as possible.

All dates and times are based on Dublin, Ireland.

This special offer deal will not be extended, so if you leave your order until 5 minutes before it closes you may be disappointed, as we will not extend it even a minute beyond the deadline.

UPDATE: Added a screenshot

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