gaggia syncrony digital coffee machine
Here at Blacknight we take our coffee very seriously.
I recently decided that we needed to get a slightly beefier coffee machine. The one we had been using for the last few months was fine, but it was time to upgrade.
Since I’m half Italian and have always had a certain fixation with good quality coffee it was only natural that I’d look at Gaggia and similar marques.
The machine I opted for in the end is a Gaggia Syncrony which takes beans or ground coffee.
Since we recently imported about 20 kg of fairtrade coffee beans our small little coffee grinder was under a lot of pressure, so a machine that did its own grinding solved two problems:
– ease of use
– dosage
One of the things that’s really nice about the new machine is that you can re-program it so that the dosage of coffee and water is exactly the way you want it.
So expect to have very hyper Blacknight people answering phones over the next few days!

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