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For the Love of Film

This week we’re involved with the Indie Cork festival in my native Cork. Conn will be giving a demo later this week on how you can get yourself up and running online in under 30 minutes. It’s free to attend so there’s no excuse not to!

A lot of creators are online, but like so many other small businesses many of them are relying on platforms they don’t fully control, so they don’t really have their own digital identity.

With a .film domain name a creator can clearly mark their space online – the bit on the right of the dot clearly says that the content is going to be somehow connected to the world of film.

We’ve partnered with the .film domain name registry to give everyone a special reduced rate on .film domain names for the rest of October 2017.

Search and find your online home now and save big ūüôā

For the rest of October .film domains will be only ‚ā¨22.99!


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