Building trust and confidence of internet users helps get more people online, and for those that are online, they’ll be more confident to conduct business online. Get Online Week 2016

One part of building confidence is European Get Online Week, a digital empowerment campaign run at libraries, community centres, schools and non-for-profits across Europe every March. Get Online Week engages and empowers people to use technology and the internet with confidence and skills that allow them to benefit of the world of online opportunities.

This year’s campaign runs from 14 to 20 March and has two main interconnected themes. The first is ‘Trust and confidence’, addressing key policy actions under the Digital Single Market. The second theme is ‘Digital jobs’, as part of the eSkills for Jobs campaign.

Get Online Week is organised by Telecentre Europe, an umbrella organisation that represents European networks of ICT learning centres.

Since its take-off in 2010, the Get Online Week campaign has reached more than 600,000 Europeans in more than 20,000 learning centres across Europe. Thanks to the campaign, more than 100,000 people have use the internet for the very first time.

“Not everyone is up to speed when it comes to digital skills yet. A third of Europe’s workforce has low or no digital skills,” said Grant & Campaigns Manager at Telecentre Europe.

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