Nominations for the .EU Web Awards close on 4 July 2017

Have you got a .EU domain  name? If so, you should enter the .EU Web Awards before nominations close on 4 July.

We like Europe. We like its cultures and languages, its diversity and differences. As an Irish SME, we especially like the things which are the same across many countries in Europe, like freedom of movement and trade, open borders, and a single currency. These things make life easier for business, and for people.

For a variety of reasons, some institutes and individuals identify more with the EU than with the countries which make it up. And for them, .EU is an obvious choice for their domain name.

So .EU is a little different, and so are the .EU Web Awards. Now in its fourth year, the awards aim to promote and celebrate one of the most unique top level domains.

17-year-old blogger Zoe O'Connor from Kerry received a special award at the 2016 EU Web Awards

Nominations are open to all sites, be they an established national business, a start-up, a green initiative promoter, an educational institution or an entertainment blog. It’s free to enter online: you simply nominate your own website and spread the word to increase your vote count.

There are five award categories:

  • The Leaders category is for websites that represent established national businesses.
  • The Rising Stars category is for websites that represent start-ups.
  • The Laurels category is for websites that represent educational institutions, charitable organisations, or pan European projects.
  • The House of .eu category is for websites that represent blogs, news outlets, and the media.
  • The Better World category is for websites that represent green initiatives and environmentally-friendly organisations.

Awards Ceremony in Brussels

The three nominees from each category that have received most nominations will be shortlisted, and published on 4 September. Each shortlisted nominee will have the opportunity to send up to two representatives to the awards ceremony in November. The EURid domain registry will cover the costs of travel and accommodation.

The winners in each category will be announced at the awards ceremony in Brussels on 21 November 2017. Each winner will receive a trophy as well as a personalized .eu Web Award Certificate. A customised one-minute video produced by EURid will be provided to the winners for promotional purposes.

Last year’s winners included Zoe O’Connor from Kerry whose blog is at

Entry to the .EU Web Awards is free online. Nominations close on 4 July.

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