telnic logoIf I hadn’t warned people in advance I might feel mildly guilty about all these domain related announcements ..

If you’re a regular reader you may have noticed that I have a small passion for the .tel namespace. I think the concept behind .tel is very cool and if there is enough “buy in” it could prove to be very revolutionary indeed. Of course it’s not without its funny side!

As of yesterday evening we are now processing all new .tel domain registrations via our own ICANN accreditation. This means that you are dealing with us from start to finish.

Any new .tel domains will be managed via and you’ll get login details within a few minutes of registering the domain. We’ve also setup the system to automatically populate the domain with some basic NAPTR records so that it goes “llive” as quickly as possible.

Once your domain is registered and you have your telhosting login you can create your content and decide which contact details you want to share with whom.

If you’re an iPhone user there are two apps you can get for .tel:

  • – which allows you to manage your .tel easily from your mobile
  • Superbook – which polls your iphone’s address book for any .tel entries and then brings up the full contents (very cool!)

For Blackberry there’s an app that integrates tightly with the address book, while Microsoft Outlook users can try this plugin.

Already have a .tel domain? You can easily integrate it with your existing website if you follow the instructions over here.

And if you think your .tel is really cool, useful or interesting, why not tell Telnic? They feature the best of .tel on their site.

So get registering .tel domains! You know you want to!

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