Domain Registrations On The Increase According To Verisign

Verisign’s latest Domain Brief shows a growth in the number of domains registered, which is good news for those of us in the industry:

At the midpoint of 2008, there were 168 million domain name registrations across all
of the Top Level Domain Names (TLDs). This represents a four percent growth over the
first quarter of 2008 and a 22 percent growth over the same quarter last year. The base
of Country Code Top Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) totaled 65 million domain names,
a four percent increase quarter over quarter and a 27 percent increase year over year

What’s nice to see is that growth is not restricted to .com, but is also present in the ccTLD space (country code domains such as and .de)

So which country code domain is the biggest these days? According to Zooknic, the one to watch is China (.cn)!

Up until this year the biggest ccTLD was .de (Germany), so could this change mean that the Asia Pacific region is finally coming into its own?

What impact will this have on the recently launched .asia TLD?


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