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Here at Blacknight we take domains very seriously.
It’s a very serious business.

We were shocked and horrified when we heard stories circulating in the “underground” about cash strapped kitties having to go to great lengths to get low cost domains.

So in order to save the kitties we introduced yet another domain promotion!

This time round the discount is on .eu domain registration.***

It does NOT apply to .eu domain transfers.

Why do this?

It’s for the kitties, didn’t we already tell you?

Seriously though, as you may have noticed we’ve been running quite a few special offers recently.

We know that people are worried about costs and want to get as much value as possible. We’ve always tried to pass on savings to our clients where possible, so this is not something new. 

You can find a full list of promotions here (bear in mind some may have expired)

To help promote the growth of .eu domains we’re running a very attractive promotion for new registrations starting tomorrow, October 1st 2009.

How much will a new .eu domain cost?

New registrations will be a mere €2.95

How long is the promotion running for?

From October 1st 2009 until December 31st 2009 we are slashing the price on .eu domain registration.

Is there a discount on .eu domain transfers?


Can I register a .eu for more than one year?

No. The .eu registry only allows 1 year domain registration

Does the discount promotion apply to renewals?

No. The discount promotion is for new registrations only

So the cost for a one year .eu registration will be only €2.95 ex-VAT.

Blacknight is Ireland’s largest Eurid registrar and offers more domain extensions than any other Irish company.

***Ok – this may not all be true, but the bit about the promotion is

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