We’ve partnered with with BaseKit, the people behind our easy-to-use SiteBuilder, to shine a spotlight on women-lead businesses and women’s achievements in business as part of International Women’s Day.


Aisling Kirwan is the visionary entrepreneur and the powerhouse behind Lilac and Moss. She is an interior designer and has converted an 18th century cottage and barn into a lovely home. She has documented her ideas behind the restoration on her Instagram account, @mylimestonehome. As part of Lilac and Moss, Aisling uses her interior design expertise and expertise to transform houses into homes. She has skillfully crafted an online presence that not only showcases her unique brand but also serves as a vibrant marketplace for her growing customer base.


We had a chat with her to find out more about her journey as an entrepreneur and to inspire other women to do the same:


What inspired you to set up your own business?

“I’ve always had a creative streak and a passion for interior design so was keen to set up my own business when the time was right. Coming from a previous career in science and technology, lockdown afforded me time to reevaluate my circumstances, look at the marketplace and capitalise on the shift towards working from home which has led people to require more from their homes both in terms of decor and function. I offer affordable interior design packages that are tailored towards the needs of the individual client, allowing them to move at their own pace.”


How did you find the process of setting up your business online?

“Although I was a newcomer to online business, I found the process relatively straightforward. There is lots of information online to guide you through each step with regards to registering your business etc. and using a web hosting company such as Blacknight meant I could register my domain name, obtain a host and build my website and manage my account through one channel which saved a lot of time and stress. I was apprehensive about building and designing my own website but found the process was really intuitive and it saves me so much time to be able to edit and update my website at my leisure.”


What has been your proudest moment throughout your business journey so far?

“Watching my business grow from merely an idea into a viable and profitable business within a very short space of time has been thoroughly fulfilling. It has given me self confidence and belief in my business that it will continue to grow. I have also built up strong, long lasting relationships with clients, tradespeople and suppliers that has provided me with a strong pool of people that I network with on a regular basis.”


What is your biggest piece of advice to women looking to start up a business?

“I would advise any woman interested in starting up a business to get networking. Whether it’s through social media (don’t be afraid to start conversations with individuals in a similar role), or getting out and meeting like-minded individuals, you will find plenty of inspiring people that will give you tips on how best to grow your business and open doors to other avenues that you may not have known even existed. Contact government agencies such as your local business support office or Enterprise Ireland too as they offer lots of great incentives for women in business.”


What do you think is the biggest barrier to entrepreneurship for women in 2024?

“Unfortunately, I feel the cost of living and lack of access to affordable childcare is still one of the greatest barriers to female entrepreneurship in Ireland. Although great strides have been made in this arena, there is still a long way to go.”


What’s the best thing about running your own business?

“Having the freedom to work in a creative industry is extremely rewarding as is having independence and full control over how your business operates, your schedule and your finances. It has also afforded me the opportunity to work and collaborate with some wonderful people during my time in business, including several Irish companies who have both taught and inspired me.”


As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Aisling’s journey reminds us of the immense potential within each woman to innovate, lead, and thrive in their chosen fields.  You can find more information about Aisling on the Lilac and Moss website and on their Facebook and Instagram.


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