We have a sale on some domains to get you and your customers ready for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re running the local parade or just want to give your sales a boost during the festival, we’ve got the domains for you.

The ccTLD for Ireland, .IE is the number one choice if you’re based in Ireland or selling to Irish customers. There are a number of rules to registering a .IE domain as you must prove your connection to Ireland. If you have a .IE domain with another company, you can move it over to Blacknight with ease.

This is a restriction-free domain that is a great alternative for .IE. If you tried to register a .IE domain but it was taken by someone else, .IRISH is perfect for you. Not only that, but it tells people that your products were made in Ireland and are Irish. Register your .IRISH domain here.

Moving onto the colours of St. Patrick’s Day, green is an integral part of the festival and Ireland. It also doubles as a way of showing your customers that your business is energy efficient and good for the environment. You can keep a website separate from your main one and sell your St. Patrick’s Day merchandise with yourbusiness.green.

Another colour associated with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day – .GOLD is the domain that makes your website stand out. Jewellers and craft makers will love this domain as it immediately tells customers that your website is where they can find the perfect accessory. If you’re on the other end, like a pawn broker, you can brand your website as the place to go to swap your gold for cash.

With a domain, you can build a website and direct your customers straight to it. It’s a great way to boost your SEO when people search for your business on search engines. We have lots of plans to suit your business. Want to save time and money? Use our SiteBuilder. Want to build an extensive and dynamic website? Try our WordPress hosting. There’s even more options to choose from, so get a website today and start selling online with ease.

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