I’ve been following the entire “Black Friday” hype for the last few weeks and been more than a little bemused by how small the discounts that some of the vendors were offering.

I believe in keeping things simple and clear.

If you’re going to offer an “amazing” discount it needs to be amazing. It needs to have a certain degree of “shock and awe”.

Otherwise it’s just a plain old discount.

So here’s our little offering.

(If you can do the math on this to calculate the discount work away – I just know it’s a significant percentage!)

The offer details

Register a .ie domain name for only €9.99 for one year
Register a .be domain name for a mere €2.99
Register a .eu domain name for only €2.99 (also gets you into the draw for an iPod touch)

How do you get the pricing?

Use the coupon code: blackfriday – all lower case – no spaces

No coupon code = no discount.

Offer valid until midnight tonight (Irish time)

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