Since we have two amazing promotions going on both .SHOP and .STORE domains, we thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post about both of them. Our stance is that if you’re going to register one of these domains, you should register the other – simply so that no one else can and pretend to be you.

If you run an online retail store, owning a related top-level domain is the perfect way to make your store stand out. Using a .SHOP or .STORE in your advertising makes your online store memorable and keeps your branding coherent.

Here are five reasons to register both your. STORE and .SHOP with Blacknight today.

  1. Plenty of availability – Since both TLD’s are ‘newer’ – there is still a lot of great name availability and it’s not likely that your business name has been taken by someone else.
  2. Keep it short – Since there aren’t as many registered names, you can keep your store name short and easy to remember.
  3. Affordable – We have both domains on offer right now – right now you can register a new .STORE domain for just €4.99 for 1 year ex VAT (regularly €44.99) and a .SHOP domain for just €7.99 for 1 year ex VAT (regularly €34.99). Add that up and you’ve got both for just €12.98, a massive savings to get going online!
  4. Protect Your name – By registering both of these names together, you protect your store name from being purchased and used by anyone else. As long as you own YourShop.STORE and YourShop.SHOP, no one else can. You can also get branded email using your new .SHOP or .STORE domain and look more professional to customers.
  5. Perfect with our Tools – You can use your shiny new .SHOP and .STORE domains with our hand shopBuilder and siteBuilder tools to get your store online and selling in hours.

Technical note: While you should buy both domains, you should not USE both at the same time. Pick one and stick with it. Have one forward to the other and know that it’s safe from being used by anyone else.

Click here to register your .SHOP


Click here to register your .STORE

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