We’ve got a big sale on a few domains for you to grab. Getting a domain for your website is an important element of branding and makes it easier for people to find your business online. Have a scroll through the domain extensions below then type your business name followed by the extension into the search box at the bottom of the screen to register it today – But be quick, other people can register the domain before you if it’s available as it’s a first-come-first-served basis.


Hairdressers can benefit in helping their SEO with this domain extension. When people search ‘hair’ in Google, the search engine identifies the match in keywords between the search word and your domain extension to help your website rank higher in results. Websites with a URL of https://yourbusiness.hair looks very secure and can build trust with customers. Remember, integrate a contact form on your website or shop to bring in new clients.


If the .COM or .IE domain name you wanted was already registered by someone else, a great way to attract customers while branding is to use your industry as the extension. .AUTOS is a good example of this for mechanics and car dealerships.


Have you got a video game that you want to advertise? One of the most powerful things about domains is that they tell people who see your website in a list of search results what your website does. .QUEST in particular lets people know that there’s an adventure to be had on your website or shop.


Give your website some glam with this domain. Make-up artists can build the perfect portfolio and bring in new clients online thanks to the .BEAUTY domain. Make sure to incorporate an online booking system on your website to get full advantage of your online presence.


Whether you’re part of a skincare brand or if you’re an aesthetician, the .SKIN domain is *the* short extension for your brand. You could even have a .SKIN blog that’s separate from your .IE or .COM website to give your readers some tips.


This extension is short, memorable and works with any industry. It’s a basic extension that’s used by designers because it refers to the X, Y, and Z axes, and can also be used to align generation X, Y and Z. Get yours now.


Some domain extensions like .MONSTER are ideal for seasonal businesses. Coming up to Halloween is when domains with this extension shine. Many tech businesses use .MONSTER to mean generator or collection. The possibilities are endless.

And More!

Other domains on sale at the moment include .COLLEGE, .LOL, .PICS, .BABY, .HOMES, .YACHTS etc. Get to the Blacknight website quickly (or use the search bar below) and register the domain name that’s right for your business before someone else takes it. This promotion isn’t going to last forever so get your domain today.

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