There’s a great deal on .EUS domain names for December. .EUS is the top-level domain for the Basque (Euskara) Community, the unique linguistic and cultural community which is found in a region of Northern Spain and Southern France. Normally €64.99 ex VAT per year, now you can register a .EUS domain name for 2 years for only €15 ex VAT.

Why would you do this? If you truly want to reach a community, you’ve got to speak their language. Whether you are a member of the Basque community, or wish to sell your products, services or ideas to them, it makes sense to respect the language and culture, and appeal to people where they live.

That’s an attitude which is widely understood internationally, and in particular in continental Europe, where multilingualism is a hallmark of business. Even if people often default to a common lingua franca for the small print, the niceties are observed in national, regional and minority languages.

We’ve pointed out before: the Internet facilitates multilingualism. And research by the .EUS registry backs that up. Put simply, it shows that while Basque people may conduct business in Spanish, French and other major languages, a huge proportion of online activity is in their own language. The research on Twitter (below) is particularly illustrative: 41% of all tweets in the Basque country are in the Basque language.

Language use among Basque-speaking Twitter users

Language use among Basque-speaking Twitter users

Clearly, the Basque language is important in the region, and the .EUS top-level domain has achieved status in the Basques-speaking community.

The Presence of Basque in the main TLDs 2016


You can read more about the .EUS research on their website. And if you’d like to explore what a .EUS domain name can do for you, the current offer is a great opportunity to find out with a tiny outlay: just €15 for a two-year registration.

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