Following on from some random chatter on Twitter earlier this evening it’s become apparent that some people would be interested in training..

Training on what though?

Well that’s really up to you…

Obvious topics that could be considered:

  • the control panel
  • Plesk
  • dns basics
  • domain basics (and maybe more advanced topics?)

So would people be interested in a training session with Blacknight staff (and maybe others) on these or other topics?

Please leave a comment if you are interested.

If there’s enough interest then we can start working on the practical details. If there’s no interest we’ll dump the idea and move on

Since our clients are spread across Ireland and the globe we’re thinking that it would make more sense to run the training as a webinar using something like webex.

UPDATE 2: I’ve created a poll on our forum so that people can choose the best time that suits them

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