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Security, Privacy, PRISM and Hosting

Since Edward Snowden leaked information about the US government’s mass digital surveillance program the media and industry have been very focussed on digital security and privacy. We live in a digital age, with much of our lives either in “the cloud” or connected to it in some way. But what if you can’t trust the […]

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Are You A Product?

Don’t Rely On Social Media

We love social media. We’ve got profiles on all the major networks, but we know that we cannot rely on social media networks. They rise and fall. Remember Bebo? A few years ago it was “the” social network in Ireland and the UK. Or what about Posterous? So many “cool” services offer users all sorts […]

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will work better with food

So .. We Got A Canteen .. ..

Those who know me probably know me as something of a workaholic. I’m passionate about work and I live, breathe and sleep domains and hosting. Unfortunately this doesn’t always lead to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle and to be honest there have been far too many fast food deliveries to the office over the […]

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from everyone at Blacknight

This goes out to all our family, friends and clients. Happy Independence Day. While we might have considered running an amazing July 4th promo we figured that everyone would be off enjoying themselves and relaxing! We hope you’re enjoying the day with friends and family and not stuck working. Who knows what tomorrow will bring….

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move over whois

Rebooting Whois

As regular readers probably know, I spend quite a bit of my time working on Internet policy related matters. Some of it may appear incredibly boring, but it matters. (If you really want me to explain why it matters I’d be happy to do so!) Since earlier this year I’ve been part of a small […]

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