Here at Blacknight we are directly accredited to offer a lot of domain name extensions, both country code names, as well as generic ones. We work closely with a lot of the domain name registries to offer our clients a broad range of choices when it comes to setting up their “online home”.

Some domain extensions offer more than one options to clients. They can not only denote an interest in a particular country’s market, but they also lend themselves to “domain hacks” ie. where you create quite clever domains that span both sides of the dot. The .be country code domain is one of those and the people behind .be also run both .Brussels and .vlaanderen (Flanders in Flemish).

They’ve produced a nice graphic to show what’s going on in the Belgian domain name market. Some interesting takeaways:

  • .be domain names have a renewal rate of 86%
  • .be domains are used by about 58% of Belgian businesses, so if you want to do business in Belgium you probably should have a .be domain name

There are quite a few other interesting data points in the graphic below (click to enlarge):

You can see the full range of domains we offer here.

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