We’re delighted to extend our current series of business recovery webinars with the addition of a sixth webinar, courtesy of Daragh O’Brien, managing director of Castlebridge.

This webinar was held on Wednesday 29 July, with the title: Doing Business Online – the Data Dimension. It is recorded and posted here.

As businesses move to online operations, it can open up a new world of data opportunity and data risk. Getting some basic things right early on can help build trust and credibility with customers, reduce admin overheads, and avoid having to deal with complaints from the Data Protection Commisioner and (more importantly) your customers.

This webinar will look at:

Data Protection rules for doing business on-line

  • Cookies and analytics
  • The legal issues around social media tools
  • When are you in business with Facebook?
  • Understanding what data you need to/want to/can ask for (and why)
  • Basics of website security
  • SSL on sites – why?
  • Payment processors and PCI-DSS
  • Taking care with 3rd party plugins
  • The rules around electronic marketing – what they ACTUALLY are.
  • Understanding Data Controller vs Data Processor and where responsibility/accountability sits

Understanding where your data is

  • Where is your customer data stored (and are there copies?)
  • The “Register of Processing Activities” in GDPR as a tool
  • Using 3rd party services (e.g. Shopify / Survey Monkey /EventBrite etc.)
  • What other data do you need to keep up to date to deliver service?
  • Designing for data quality – how to avoid hidden costs of manual work arounds (thinking through
  • The importance of WRITING DOWN HOW IT ALL WORKS.

Thinking strategically about your business and its data

  • Understand your processes as a customer journey (the Information Value Chain)
  • Finding ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • The global context – understanding where your target market is
  • US Data Protection laws (CCPA etc.) – understand when these laws bite and apply
  • International taxation issues and risks – understand what data you need to process to comply (and how best to do that)

Daragh O Brien is the founder of Castlebridge, one of Ireland’s leading Data Strategy and Data Protection consultancies, serving clients of all sizes for over a decade with pragmatic advice on how to avoid pitfalls and build value doing great things with data.


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