We’ve been in our Carlow HQ for a LONG time. When we first took office space in the building there were only three of us. There’s now close to 50 of us spread across multiple locations – though at the moment that’s closer to 1 location per employee!

In any case while our offices were “okay” they weren’t “great” and we’d been hoping to do something with them for the last couple of years, but we always found an excuse not to.. So finally back in January the builders came in and work started on a major overhaul and expansion of our offices here in Carlow.

Of course we didn’t know that we’d end up having to abandon our offices completely in March and that now, over 6 months later, only a fraction of our staff have returned to working out of the office.

Anyway … here’s a time lapse video of the office build, or at least part of it, followed by a quick tour of the end product.

(As it’s Friday today I thought this was the kind of “light” content to share as we head into the weekend!)

We can’t ask you to drop by right now – sorry! Hopefully we will be able to welcome clients and partners again in the not too distant future!

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