Want A Short IE Domain? You’re In Good Company!

Landrush for short IE domains is now open

Getting a short, memorable, easy to spell domain name is the advice we always give clients. However, normally we’re talking about words. Often a word or words that describes what your product or service is all about.

But when you’ve got the chance, nay, the opportunity, to get your hands on a 1 or 2 letter (or single digit) domain name it’s a completely different matter. These are the domains that you cannot afford to pass up. Being able to get the initial(s) of your company name is one thing, but when your name is short you often can’t shorten it much.

As we mentioned a while back, the IEDR have opened up the registrations of “short” IE domain names. During “sunrise” only trademark holders were able to get domain name(s) that were a match to their registered trademark(s). Now, during “landrush” it’s open to anyone (as long as they meet the standard .ie registration criteria).

So who has been registering short .ie domain names?

Some well known brands have already invested in getting theirs. Facebook grabbed both and, AA Ireland now have and HP got (The only one that’s currently active is

But you don’t need to be a large company or multinational to get a super short domain name. If the one you want is still available during landrush you could get lucky! If you’re the only applicant for the domain name you’ll get it at the end of “landrush”. If there are multiple eligible applicants then the contention will be settled at auction.

Want to know more?

Have a read of our press release from earlier today (which also includes a couple of audio clips).

You can order your short .ie domain name from us today and if you have any questions please let us know.

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