Did you know there’s a .WALES domain extension? There’s also a .CYMRU top level domain as well – that’s Welsh for Wales – and they’re both on special offer for a summer promotion at only €1.99* for the first year.

If you’re Welsh, or live in Wales, or have Welsh heritage, or do business with Welsh people, a .WALES or .CYMRU domain is a perfect way to visibly identify with Wales and its people. There are no special requirements for registration.

Research by Nominet has shown that the majority of Welsh businesses believe Wales should have its own domain space, and that they have a strong preference for either .CYMRU or .WALES over alternatives.

.CYMRU and .WALES are domains are the perfect choice for Welsh businesses and communities, sporting and cultural organisations, clubs and societies. They’re also great for families and individuals, as well as towns and localities in Wales. And for the Welsh worldwide, a Welsh domain extension is perfect for flying the flag internationally, for example for associations and groups of Welsh people aborad and afficionados of Welsh culture.

These special prices are available for a limited time only during Summer 2020.

For other nationalities, the following top-level domains may also be of interest. All are available to register at Blacknight.

  • .IE the official two-letter country code domain extension for Ireland – some requirements apply. Special offer, only €5.99
  • .IRISH is the Irish identifier that’s open to all
  • .SCOT for Scotland
  • .CAT for Catalonia
  • .EUS for the Basque country
  • and of course .EU!

* All prices exclude VAT. Offer applies the first year of a new registration. Normal prices will apply on renewal after the first year.

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