There have been several good deals on new domain registrations this summer – and many registries are seeing record growth across their domain portfolios due to Covid-19 pushing so much business online. One that deserves more attention is the .CAT domain.

Launching today, August 3rd, is a promotion on all new registrations for .CAT domains. The price is now €5 for the first year of registration (and then €13.99 thereafter at renewal).

For those not familiar with the .CAT domain, it is the official domain name for the Catalan community – speakers of the Catalan language all over the world (not just restricted to Catalonia itself). The proceeds from domain registrations go to promote and protect Catalan culture and language around the world.

There are some restrictions on registering a .CAT domain. No, you cannot use it to create the latest cat-themed social network. Well, you COULD, if Catalan was a language option on said website! They check on your Catalan credentials before and after registration. Anyone can register a .CAT domain, as long as they can prove some connection or use with the Catalan community.

For example – the famous meme Nyan Cat – has a website at but they have Catalan as a language option, so that passes the Catalan test.

So, have a great use for .CAT? Register it now for the month of August for just €5. This offer ends on August 31st.

Register .CAT Domains here.

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