“Do you know when a dog chases a squirrel – and then the squirrel stops?” Tracy Keogh is describing the experience of being a tireless advocate for remote working when a global pandemic hits. Now everybody is talking about remote working: what now?

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“Grow Remote is on a mission to enable us to work, live and participate locally, and we do that by making remote work both visible and accessible. By ‘remote work’ we mean employed salaried roles – they just don’t have to occur in an office or a defined location.”

We’ve spoken to Tracy before on The Blacknight Podcast, and Blacknight has sponsored Grow Remote.

The Coronavirus crisis has brought remote working very suddenly to the fore for many companies.

“We’ve seen that they’ve invested in technology. I was speaking about one organisation who had to order 200 laptops in a day. They’re not going to just go back and put them in the store room.”

Earlier this week, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced that employees currently working remotely can continue to do so ‘forever’.

Also mentioned in this episode: Karlin Lillington on the need for ‘an employees’ manifesto on working from home’, and some tweets on the population changes in Ireland over the last 175 years.

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