Today we’re talking about business. Brian O’Farrell, CEO of County Carlow Chamber, talks about the issues facing businesses in these times, the importance of community support and an innovative project to promote local companies in Carlow.

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County Carlow Chamber of Commerce is focused on helping Carlow businesses in connecting with customers, partners, suppliers, and communities through a central online platform which will host an expansive directory of Carlow Businesses.

The new platform will be developed as part of the existing site,, and it will work to connect communities and businesses across the county, locally, nationally and internationally.

There is no charge for businesses to be listed on the site, indeed the only requirement is that the business is in Co. Carlow and its environs.

The project aims to highlight Carlow as Open for Business and remind communities across the county of the wide range of diverse retail and commercial products and services available locally.

While many businesses are working to offer services online, the pandemic is highlighting the challenges faced by some in accessing broadband. With this in mind, the Chamber has launched a survey of broadband accessibility and is encouraging as many people as possible to share their experience.

Blacknight has recently announced its entry to the national fibre broadband market – we also provide wireless broadband in the Carlow area.

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