The .OBSERVER domain name is here and available from Blacknight. It’s the perfect new domain extension for burgeoning media outlets (and existing ones with ‘observer’ in their names).

The .OBSERVER domain has been around since 2017, but it was recently acquired by Donuts Inc and relaunched. Blacknight is offering it for the first time. The domain never really got ‘big’ with only just over 1,200 active registrations right now. The relaunch should improve those numbers, though the domain itself will have a limited appeal.

As for who this domain might appeal to? The media!

Here are five reasons to register .OBSERVER today!

Is it in your name? – The word ‘observer’ is commonly used in the name of newspapers, magazines, websites, podcasts, and more. Some legacy publications have been around for hundreds of years. Get a memorable and unique domain with .OBSERVER.

It’s affordable – It’s not an expensive domain to register – you can get one from Blacknight for €8.99 per year ex vat.

It’s recognisable as news – For centuries publications have used ‘observer’ as a mark of trust and recognition. Take that legacy online by using it in your website URL.

Wide Availability – There are only around 1200 .OBSERVER domains registered, so there are plenty of options available that haven’t been registered – and many great single and two word domains still available.

Flexibility – You don’t have to be a newspaper – you can be any type of new media. Starting the next hot true-crime podcast or Substack newsletter? Then consider using .OBSERVER to establish trust and branding.

Ready to register a .OBSERVER domain with Blacknight? Head on over to our .OBSERVER registration page or begin your search below.

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