Paint the web green with dot irish

Blacknight is a 100% Irish owned and run company. It’s something we’re proud of.

Some of us are currently in Germany, at,  and everyone is asking what we’re doing for the big day. St Patrick’s Day is a global phenomenon. For one day a year, every major landmark in the world turns green.

It’s a time to celebrate the Irish heritage with the World. A time to connect with the Global Irish (all 75 million of them) and tap into the strong community.

Whether you’re a GAA club, a business or an artist. Or your great-great-grandmother was from Co. Clare, Irish people love to connect.

So this year we’re doing a few things for the big day;

  • To help you shout from the rooftops about your Irish roots , we have a special offer on .irish domains.  Search for yours here now.
  • We’re turning our site green(er) as part of the Global Greening Initiative
  • We’re turning our social media profiles green. A digital version of the Global Greening Initiative. A great idea form the .irish crew.
  • Telling everyone we meet where we’re from 🙂

We hope you have a great St Patrick’s Day and let us know how yours went.

P.s Don’t forget to search for your special offer .irish domain here.  🙂

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