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As dragons go Bert is very sociable. Of course being such a well known social media icon and hosting and domain name figure he’s been getting a lot of attention from all over the place. (Personally we think Squishy‘s just a tad jealous!) So sometimes Bert likes to have a bit of personal time and a bit of privacy ..

With that in mind we’re helping Bert and thousands of others to get a little bit more privacy online with the launch of our new whois privacy service.

What does it do?

Pretty simply it replaces your actual contact details with those of our Whois Privacy service provider – Whois Privacy Ltd (Yes – we are *that* original)

So if you now do a whois lookup on micheleneylon.com (for example) you’ll get:

expires: 2013-03-12
modified: 2012-02-20 00:37:04
owner-contact-id: PRIVATE
owner-name: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
owner-organisation: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
owner-email: micheleneylon.com@whoisprivacy.ie
owner-voice: +353.599183072
owner-fax: +353.14811763
owner-addr: Unit 12A, Barrowside Business Park
owner-addr: Sleaty Road
owner-city: Graiguecullen
owner-province: Co. Carlow
owner-postcode: –
owner-country: IE
admin-contact-id: PRIVATE
admin-name: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
admin-organisation: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
admin-email: micheleneylon.com@whoisprivacy.ie
admin-voice: +353.599183072
admin-fax: +353.14811763
admin-addr: Unit 12A, Barrowside Business Park
admin-addr: Sleaty Road
admin-city: Graiguecullen
admin-province: Co. Carlow
admin-postcode: –
admin-country: IE
tech-contact-id: PRIVATE
tech-name: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
tech-organisation: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
tech-email: micheleneylon.com@whoisprivacy.ie
tech-voice: +353.599183072
tech-fax: +353.14811763
tech-addr: Unit 12A, Barrowside Business Park
tech-addr: Sleaty Road
tech-city: Graiguecullen
tech-province: Co. Carlow
tech-postcode: –
tech-country: IE
billing-contact-id: PRIVATE
billing-name: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
billing-organisation: micheleneylon.com c/o WHOIS Privacy Ltd.
billing-email: micheleneylon.com@whoisprivacy.ie
billing-voice: +353.599183072
billing-fax: +353.14811763
billing-addr: Unit 12A, Barrowside Business Park
billing-addr: Sleaty Road
billing-city: Graiguecullen
billing-province: Co. Carlow
billing-postcode: –
billing-country: IE

Is the domain still mine?

Yes. We’re simply providing you with a little bit of “protection”

Can I move the domain to another registrar?

Yes, but you will need to remove the WHOIS privacy service before you move.

What terms and conditions are associated with the service?

We’ve appended specific terms to our master terms and conditions

How much does the service cost?

We’re running an introductory offer of €4.99 / domain / year

Can I add this to an existing domain?

Yes and we will only charge you for the rest of the year.

How can I add this to an existing .com or .net domain name?

Login to your control panel and click on “billing”. Then go into “domain management”. You can add “whois privacy” as an upgrade to any existing .com or .net domain name

Which domain extensions support this service?

At the moment .com and .net only

Will you be offering this with other domain extensions?

Yes, if the domain registry policy permits.

Here’s our press release on the launch:

Leading Irish registrar and hosting company Blacknight (http://www.blacknight.com) are pleased to announce the inclusion of a new WHOIS Privacy service to their suite of outstanding products.

WHOIS Privacy is a service that can be added to a domain registration to protect the identity and personal information of the domain registrant. For instance, when an individual searches for the WHOIS information on a domain name, the name of the registrant along with address and phone number are available on that record. By electing to use the WHOIS Privacy service, that information is no longer publicly available.

Security has always been a top priority for Blacknight, which elected to offer WHOIS Privacy services to give their customers an extra layer of protection. Michele Neylon of Blacknight states: “We have been planning to offer a WHOIS Privacy service for some time. We have seen the demand for the service grow, as individuals want to be able to register domain names without publishing their personal data to WHOIS. We are very pleased to be able to provide this extra level of security to our customers.”

The WHOIS Privacy service is provided by WHOIS Privacy LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blacknight. WHOIS Privacy will initially only be available for .COM and .NET domains but will continue to roll out for additional extensions that support it.  

Blacknight is very conscious of the controversial nature of WHOIS Privacy services, and the ICANN accredited registrar has taken bold measures in the Terms of Use agreement to protect against issues of abuse. Neylon explains: “We are strong believers in our customer’s right to freedom of expression. However we are very conscious of abuse to such a system and the terms of service provided are very stringent. Basically, if you think you can use our WHOIS privacy service just to register domains and abuse them, the service will be terminated quickly.”

The standard retail price of the WHOIS Privacy service will be €8.99 per domain per year, however, Blacknight will be running an introductory offer at €4.99 per domain per year.

Please visit http://www.blacknight.com for more information on WHOIS Privacy services.

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