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Since we launched our VPS hosting services and revamped our shared hosting offerings we’ve had some very interesting feedback.

I’d love to say it was all positive, but that would be a lie.

Some people absolutely hate the new control panel.

Other people find the control panel a bit confusing at times, but once they get past the initial confusion they come to love it.

The one comment that has been made to us time and again is in relation to documentation on doing various things both on shared hosting and on VPS.

So what can we do about this?

The overly simplistic reply is “provide more documentation”, but if it was that simple believe me, we’d have done it by now!

So we’ve decided to push out a wiki to let people share any tips and tricks that they may have.

Obviously we will have to keep an eye on what gets posted there, as it is public etc., but I am hoping that it may help people help other people.

Maybe you’ve got a short tip on enabling something cool and useful in Plesk or maybe you’ve run into some weird “gotcha”.

Why not take a minute to share a few notes with other people?

What do you all think?

Good idea or terrible idea?

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