We get emails about pricing changes from domain registries all the time. Pricing changes, business model changes, etc. It’s to be expected when you offer over 500 different top-level domains like we do.

One we recently received is just bonkers. The .SEXY registry has announced they are raising their wholesale prices.

By 9,900%!

That’s not a typo.

The current wholesale price is $25/year, and they’re raising it to $2,500/year, with shorter 4-5 character domains costing $10,000 a year. This is for NEW registrations.

All current registered .SEXY domains, will be grandfathered in at the old pricing, however, so any current holders of a .SEXY domain don’t have to worry about this insane price rise.

But anyone thinking about registering a .SEXY domain is never going to register one now. Over the years, we’ve seen some nutty domain pricing, but this one takes the cake.

The .SEXY domain never really set the internet on fire, with only about 8,000 domains registered according to nTLDStats. I think Blacknight may have one registered with us. Perhaps the logic behind the new pricing is to make it so exclusive, that demand might increase. Not bloody likely.

Still, the new pricing comes into effect on April 30th, so if you want one at the old pricing, we urge everyone to register NOW.

Current Blacknight pricing for .SEXY is €49.99 for one year. After April 30th, it will be €2900 (but existing registrations will stay at the current price).

Click here to register a .SEXY domain before it’s too late.

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