For the month of July we’re offering a HUGE discount on a selection of domain name extensions.

These offers are valid for one year domain name registration.

For a mere €1.79 (ex-VAT) you’ll be able to get a nice, shiny domain name in one of the following domain extensions:

  • .tech
  • .space
  • .press
  • .host
  • .website
  • .site
  • .online

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With new domain extensions like .tech or .space you can create interesting and engaging online spaces for your business or personal projects.

The domain ending (the bit on the right of the dot) has actual meaning and isn’t just an arbitrary identifier. For example, we’re using a .tech domain name for our offsite technical status site.

We were one of the earliest adopters of .press domains and use ours to both publish our press releases, as well as to collate our “media mentions”.

There are now literally hundreds of domain extensions you can choose from. Each and every one of them has a meaning of some kind and with our July special discount there’s no reason not to register a domain today!

(And we also have a bunch of other special offers here.)


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