Online Fraud
While everyone else is settling back into a New Year it’s “nice” to see that the scammers have been hard at work.

So what’s on the menu this year?

Well there’s Internet Register Ireland. Remember them?

There’s also those “lovely” people from Domain Registry of America. They got a nice slap on the wrists in the UK recently, so maybe someone could report them to the Irish advertising standards authority?

If you get letters from either of these organisations please bin them. If you wish to lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority it may help raise awareness.

Just so it’s clear.

We do not send out hard copy renewal notifications or letters to our clients. If we ever send anything out in the mail it will be very clear that it is from us, as our paper is very heavily branded!

Another one to watch out for is domain name resellers charging a “release” or “unlock” fee for domain names. If this has happened to you we’d love to hear about it!