Defensive domain registrations can be quite “painful” to manage. If you’re trying to protect your brand or identity online you can easily end up registering quite a few alternatives to your main domain. With “normal” domain names this isn’t too much of an issue to manage, as you can point one domain at another, so if you go to you’ll end up on, same thing would happen with or any of the other variants we’ve registered.

With .tel domains, however, this isn’t something that either you the registrant or us the registrar could do. Not even if we’d wanted to, as the entire thing is hosted on the Telnic servers.

Now that has changed.

If you have a few defensive .tel domain name registrations you can easily point them to your main .tel domain name.

For example, we use the domain and have populated it with contact details. We also have the domain that we got, but aren’t ever going to use actively


Login to the Telhosting system with your username and password.

Choose the domain you want to point at your main domain, in our case I chose

In order for a .tel domain name to resolve it needs to have records associated with it, so we automatically populate all .tel domain names during registration. In order to get the redirect to work you will first need to remove all the content.

So delete the “header text” and save. Then you’ll need to create a link to the .tel that you want to point to.

If there are no other records or objects such as the map setup then the redirect should work.

Allow about 15 minutes or so for the changes to “kick in”

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