The travel industry has a hot new domain extension with the launch of .QUEST. And it’s now available to register from Blacknight. Ready to start a travel blog for your post-pandemic travels? Ready to start a mission or cause? Ready to document your cooking journey? Then the .QUEST domain might be for you!

End your search for the perfect domain with .QUEST, an affordable domain extension that can help your audience easily find your website. No matter the subject of the search, prove you have the solution on a .QUEST domain that leads your customers, fans, and community members to the destination they’re seeking.

.QUEST domains are for gurus, for experts, and for authorities in any field. Appeal to potential customers seeking a specific product or service, chart and share your personal path toward achieving your goals, or create a community for like-minded individuals who are on the same journey. Consumers have more choices available to them now than they ever have before, and .QUEST is the domain that guides them to the right one.

5 Reasons to Register Now!

  1. .QUEST is the only domain ending that shows your audience their search is complete with your URL. Get YourProduct.QUEST to show your customers you have the solution to their search. Attract clients seeking what you have to offer with YourService.QUEST.
  2. .QUEST brands your business on a TLD made for those who are always pursuing excellence. Secure YourBrand.QUEST and give expert advice as you lead your customers to their goals. Establish your business as the go-to authority in your market using YourIndustry.QUEST.
  3. .QUEST is the domain for experts who answer their audience’s questions by sharing experience and knowledge. Attract clients or pass your wisdom on to others via YourSkill.QUEST. Register YourHobby.QUEST and impart what you love to others who share your interests.
  4. .QUEST provides a place where your community or organization can gather under the name of your shared journey. Gather donations and share information that benefits others through YourOrganization.QUEST. Claim YourCause.QUEST to connect with others who share your mission.
  5. .QUEST brands your path to personal growth on a domain focused on going after your goals. Chronicle your progress towards professional and personal goals on YourFirstName.QUEST. Share memorable moments with friends and loved ones on YourFamilyName.QUEST.
  6. .QUEST is available. Is the perfect blog name or new influencer brand name taken on the other TLDs? Then it might still be available on .QUEST. Secure it today to begin your domain quest today!

Ready to register your new .QUEST domain name with Blacknight? Then head on over to our .QUEST landing page or search in the box below.

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