Following on the announcement of the .cat promotion earlier this week we’ve launched a rather special advertising campaign on Facebook. Unlike a lot of Facebook advertising campaigns we’ve opted to make use of some of the more advanced targetting options that the Facebook platform offers. In the case of .cat domain names it’s a very good fit, so we’re interested to see how well this experiment pans out.

Press release on the advertising campaign and the .cat domain name promotion below:

Blacknight Announces Cutting Edge Promotion for the Catalan Language Community

November 8, 2012 – Carlow, Ireland – Leading Irish domain registrar Blacknight announce a cutting edge .CAT domain name promotion to benefit the Catalan language community.
Treading new water in registrar advertising, Blacknight are using Facebook to reach out to the Catalan language community by addressing them exclusively in Catalan. Registrants who register a .cat domain name through the Facebook promotion will receive a special discounted price of €9.99 ex-VAT for the first year of registration.

The promotion, which began on October 5, will last through mid- January 2013.

.CAT is the domain extension for the Catalan language and culture, which caters to a population of approximately 8 million. .CAT domains have been available for registration since 2006 and are used exclusively by those who use Catalan for their online communications, and/or promote the various aspects of Catalan culture online.
Michele Neylon of Blacknight states: “We are big fans of the .CAT domain extension. The Catalan culture is very rich and they have created a thriving online community. .CAT domain users are leaders in the growing movement to customise Internet experience to benefit and reflect the identity of the user.”

All Catalan speakers are eligible for the .CAT promotion, which has already sparked a high level of participation among the targeted community. Over 58 thousand .CAT domains are currently registered and a high proportion of those registered have active websites.

Neylon continues: “We chose to conduct this promotion through Facebook as the platform will allow you to reach out to users based on their linguistic preferences. We wanted to experiment with the effectiveness of that sort of contact and are already pleased with the high rate of participation. We are eager to see what our .CAT registrants do with their domain names as traditionally, there is a very high rate of active websites in the extension.”

The promotion is only visible to Facebook users who use Catalan language settings and only members of the Catalan community may register .CAT domains. Once registered, a .CAT domain name must be used for the Catalan cultural and linguistic community.
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