We’re delighted to announce that the .cat promotion has been extended until the middle of January.

How’s it work?

Register a .cat domain name for one year and avail of a special discounted price of only €9.99 ex-VAT for the first year.

.Cat domain names are the domain extension for the Catalan community. There are a couple of restrictions associated with registering .cat domain names, so if you think that registering the name of your feline friend is a good idea you may need to rethink it!

What are the restrictions?

You can read the .cat registry’s FAQ, but the bottom line is that the domain name needs to be used for the Catalan cultural and linguistic community.

Where can I register a .cat domain name?

Directly on our site!

Want to find out more about .cat and how it was setup? The guys in the .cat registry have this short video (in Catalan – obviously) that explains both how it was setup and who is behind it all:

How many .cat domain names are there?

At time of writing there are just over 58 thousand .cat domain names:

And the .cat domain name space is still growing!

What’s also interesting is that there is a LOT of content and activity on .cat domain name compared to a lot of other domain extensions:

So if you’re doing business in Catalonia or want to then get registering your .cat domain names today – Squishy approves this message!

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