We’ve been using Twitter to push out status updates etc., for the last few months.

However it’s only very recently that we’ve actually begun using our Twitter account to really interact with people.

Here’s a snapshot of our follower numbers over the last three months via TwitterCounter:
twittercount 3 monthsAs you can see the numbers started climbing relatively recently.

So the last month’s graph is quite revealing:
twittercount 1 monthAnd our actual activity has definitely increased since the start of the year (generated with Tweetstats) :
tweetstats january 2009Since the start of the year we’ve been using Twitter as a communications channel.

Now we don’t want or expect it to replace any other communications channels that we have in place, but since a large number of our clients are using Twitter it only makes sense that we reach them using a medium that they’re already “hooked into”.

If someone is “talking” about us, then it’s nice to be able to respond directly.

People can also search our “stream” if they’re looking for coupon codes or other titbits of information that we’re giving out.

We’ve been having a bit of fun with it as well and have been running silly quizzes to give away domain names, as well as promoting our various special deals.

So if you want to interact with us feel free to “tweet” us anytime (we’re not online there all day and all night, but we are there quite a bit!)

EDIT: We have since switched over to using the shorter username of “blacknight

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