The pandemic is entering a new phase in a lot of countries now that the global vaccine rollout is gathering pace. People are starting to go ‘back’ to work in their office, but people are also making decisions on what directions they would like their lives to go instead. Many people don’t actually want to ‘go back’ to the way things before. A massive workforce reorganisation is underway. Millions of people will be starting new businesses or other ventures.

And these new ventures are going to need domain names (and hosting)!

Here are a few ideas for domains for your new post-COVID project.


The old standby that is .COM is great for businesses with an international mindset. It has a reputation and recognition all over the English-speaking world. While it might be a bit of a challenge to find a name that’s not already taken, there are still millions of options out there. Being creative definitely adds some fun to the new business creation process.

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If you’re going to be focused on the Irish market, then you’ll want a .IE domain. It’s now more popular in Ireland to register the local .IE ccTLD (country code top-level domain) than it is to use a .COM domain name. It’s widely recognised in Ireland as local, and with a relatively small registered base compared to other domains, there are still plenty of name options available.

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Retail has had a very hard time during the pandemic, with many stores being forced to close in Ireland and elsewhere. Many took the chance to come online for the first time – and in lots of cases, this kept retails stores in business. So, when pondering a new post-pandemic venture, your first thought should be ‘can I sell online?’ With Irish consumer sentiment now defaulting to considering purchasing online first, you should be there to meet this new demand. There are two great TLDs (top-level domains) for this – .STORE and .SHOP (and if both are available with your business name, always register both but pick one to use exclusively).

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The pandemic also decimated the tourism industry. But as we’ve seen in places where travel is allowed and safe, tourism has come roaring back. And until international travel becomes normalised, domestic ‘staycations’ are going to be the default for many people. The new .PLACE domain is the perfect place to start your new travel-related venture – whether it’s touring, information about a place, lodging, or news about a specific place, .PLACE has a lot of flexibility.

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One of the most popular domains in the last year or so has been .LIVE. Since most in-person events have had to go virtual, .LIVE was a natural home for them as it allowed events to create a separate place to hold their live events. It also works nicely with a lot of the platforms used to host virtual events. All you have to do is point the domain at the platform of your choice, and your event is .LIVE!

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Many people will be leaving traditional jobs and taking on work that will allow more flexibility to their lives – like working from home. It’s the perfect time to start your own agency. Whether it’s for employment, marketing, public relations, this domain space has a lot of flexibility and will allow you to grow your new venture into a successful agency.

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Another breakout hit of the pandemic year was .CLUB – because of its association with the hot new social media app Clubhouse (it’s like radio you can talk back to). Many people are registering their interests, business, and clubs and forwarding to their Clubhouse profiles.

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