Here’s a fun look back at all the new domains that Blacknight started offering in 2020 and what to look forward to in 2021. With a new year, many people will be pondering launching new businesses or bringing their businesses online (that weren’t before). Having the right domain, especially in the age of Covid-19, has never been more critical.

Here’s a round-up of big ‘new’ domains that came to Blacknight in 2020 – some were launched into general availability, and some were now available from us for the first time.


This was the biggest domain launch of 2020 and has proven very popular with businesses looking to target this particular market. It’s also been popular with organisations looking to burnish their LGBTQ credentials.

Click here to register .GAY domains with Blacknight


This was the ‘last’ domain to come online in 2020. The latest offering from Donuts is the perfect domain to letting customers, contacts, family, and friends to know where to contact you. We’ve found a lot of people picking up one of these and putting the address on their business cards. It’s really easy to set up a one-page contact site with our siteBuilder product.

Click here to register .CONTACT domains with Blacknight


This domain has been around for a while, but it was relaunched in 2020. It’s the perfect domain if you have the word place in your business name. Or if you want to set up a website for a specific house or property (or use as a forwarding address for an AirBNB or Vrbo property).

Click here to register .PLACE domains with Blacknight


When this domain was originally launched, it cost a pretty penny. Now, it’s much more reasonably priced, and we have it for €24.99 ex VAT. If you’re a high-powered chief executive, then pick up the .CEO domain so you have a place on the web to showcase your accomplishments and make it easy for people to contact you.

Click here to register .CEO domains with Blacknight


This is the ‘fun’ domain of 2020. The .CYOU domain is geared towards the younger generations. They market it as the first domain for digital natives, whatever that means. It’s also really affordable. If you have an online brand, it’s always important to secure all the domains you can, so no one else can and claim to be you.

Click here to register .CYOU domains with Blacknight

New Domains Coming to Blacknight in 2021

Looking at our release calendar for 2021, there’s a ton of exciting new domains in the pipeline that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.  Some we don’t have exact dates for yet, others we do – many are coming online in March 2021.

.FORUM (March 2021)

This one will be great for those who run discussion forums or corporations who use forums to communicate with customers (like as a helpdesk). The only problem, though, is the price. It will be priced well over $1,000 in most places. A real shame, this domain would be very useful if it cost a tenth of that price. Still, we will have it when it launches.


This domain has been on a long road, and it should finally reach general availability in 2021. Further details to come.

.QUEST (March 2021)

We’re getting a new travel-related domain extension when .QUEST launches to general available to buy in March. I expect this one to get snapped up by travel bloggers (they still exist!) in droves. I’m already eyeing a few myself!


The .SPA domain has had a wild ride, with an intense legal fight. But it finally looks settled as the .XYZ registry will be launching it to general availability at some point in 2021.


Another domain that’s taken a long time to come to market, .RUGBY might be available with Blacknight sometime in 2021. Stay tuned!

.MAKEUP, .BEAUTY, .HAIR, .SKIN (March 2021)

A raft of beauty and lifestyle domains changed hands last year. Originally held and not used by their owners, they will finally be released to the general public in March. Blacknight will have them all when that happens. If you’re in the beauty verticals, you will want to snag up these domains right away.

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Which domain excites you for 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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