Today marks the launch of a new top-level domain name. Blacknight welcomes the .CONTACT domain name into the world. The latest domain from Donuts Inc is sure to be popular with brands all over the world looking for a domain name that hopes to make contacting businesses, people, and fans much easier.

Blacknight offers .CONTACT from today for €8.49 per year (renewal after one year is also €8.49). It’s affordable, it’s useful, and it’s easy to remember. Personally, I know I’ll be grabbing a few for my side businesses.

A replacement for .TEL

.TEL was one of the first ‘new’ TLDs back in the early 2000s but it never really caught on with general users. .CONTACT is the perfect spiritual replacement for .TEL and makes it a little more flexible as you can use it for the various ways people can contact you.

.CONTACT tells people where to contact you

You can use this domain in several different ways. You can give the URL out and have it redirect to your contact page on your website. Or you could create a single page website with all the ways people can contact you. You could also make it a contact page itself (but be sure to put SPAM protection on any form you use).

Secure Your Brand!

If you have an online brand that you’re known by, you always need to be mindful of its security. And if you don’t use it, you could lose it. Even if you don’t want to use .CONTACT, you should at least register it, so that no one else can and pretend to be you or steal your brand idea. This is a great use case for our DPML service, where you can reserve your trademark for all of the gTLDs offered by Donuts.


.CONTACT can be had from Blacknight for only €8.49, making it one of the more affordable TLDs on the market. If you need several, the yearly renewal cost won’t be too dear.

Perfect for Personal/CV Websites

If you’re on the job hunt and need to set up a simple contact/CV website, then use a .CONTACT domain for it. Easy for HR pros to remember and find when looking at your CV. This is something you can do quickly and easily with our Sitebuilder software.

Ready to register a .CONTACT domain? Head on over to our .CONTACT page and register now or use the handy search box below!

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