Once upon a time, not so long ago, if you wanted to setup a website for your business or personal project you had a pretty straightforward choice. You could grab a relatively good .com domain name or maybe a .ie or a In the last couple of years those choices expanded a little, so you could opt for a .co, a .me or maybe a .eu. Choices had to be made, but the “menu” was relatively small.

That has all changed.

As of today there are over 400 top level domain extensions to choose from! (And that’s without even adding in the 250+ country code extensions like .ie, .de, .fr and many more)

They say variety is a good thing, so let’s not complain, but if you’re trying to choose a domain name for your business the variety and choice might be a little overwhelming.

I’d love to be able to state categorically that we’ve solved it, but we haven’t.

At the moment we’re offering 100+ new top level domain extensions and we will be adding more over the next couple of months.

So how are people reacting to these new domains?

Are people registering them?

If so, what are they doing with them?

If they aren’t, why not? Is it a matter of price? Too much choice? Potential confusion? Lack of knowledge?

I’ll be heading to Stockholm for the Swedish Internet Days later this month to discuss these and other topics. Sharing our experiences with others from different parts of industry is always helpful so I’m looking forward to it.

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